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  • Welcome to "Slug on Leather" the Original Illustration Gallery created by Shohei Yamashiro.The main themes to the illustrations are FEMDOM as well as ladies dressed in fetish gear(leather, P.V.C,latex..etc) and GLOVES. So, why not indulge yourselves in a world of illustrations which is a refreshing break from the usual hentai and anime which is the main these days? Perhaps you could appreciate the way in which I strive to perfectly recreate the minutest of details of fabrics and materials in CG.
    Have any views about my work? They why not contact me with your requests vand opinions?

    Slug On Leather2 on "flickr"!!

    Only softcore but, you can see other side fetish??

    slug on leather2 on flickr

    Contributed "About my glove-fetish"
    toX-rated search
    Sorry,the page was written japanese.

    30th, Kodawarino Tethu
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